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Beautifully crafted.
Simply easy.

What it 

  • A single, unified view of all marketing investments tied to business performance

  • Optimal ‘go forward’ marketing strategies and tactics tied to business impact

  • Supports investment decisions, big (e.g. what happens if I go dark in a market?) and small (e.g. what happens if I shift funds from Publisher A to Publisher B?)

  • Uncover ‘everyday’ quick wins and ‘make-your-year’ game changers

Who is it for

Purposefully built to support people who need to make informed marketing decisions, including:

  • Brand Managers

  • Marketing Teams

  • Media Teams

  • Sales Teams

  • Analytic Teams

  • Consumer Insight Teams

What can it do for you

Gain Theory interactive supports a number of use cases, including marketing effectiveness tracking, scenario planning, optimization and forecasting. 


Analytic and / or technical expertise is not required. Gain Theory interactive includes a navigated user experience, making it incredibly easy to use.


A modular system with a broad suite of features and functionality that you can turn on as needed to support your Marketing decisions

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