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Decision making. Supported.


Questions. Answered.

Gain Theory Interactive supports a variety of decisions, including:

  • What marketing tactics give me the biggest bang for my buck?

  • How should I support a new product launch?

  • How do I achieve my sales goal?

  • Which markets should I prioritize for marketing investment?

Decisions. Empowered.

Gain Theory Interactive is intended to elevate decision making and help shift your marketing effectiveness consultants to value-add tasks.  For example, without Gain Theory Interactive, a marketer would ask their consultant to run a number of scenarios and provide back the results to aid tactical decision making.

Now, with Gain Theory Interactive, marketers can run a limitless number of scenarios to their heart's desire and reach tactical decisions on their own, giving them the ability to invest time more wisely with their consultant to contextualize decision making and answer more strategic questions.

Decisions. Enhanced.

Gain Theory Interactive doesn't replace Gain Theory’s consulting service but rather enhances it.

It helps you embed the work that Gain Theory delivers deeper into your business, empowering more informed marketing decisions, by more people, more often.

Decisions. Always On.

Gain Theory Interactive enables Marketers to be smarter and self-sufficient, in an ‘always on’ fashion.  It's available 24/7.

So, if you have a decision to make and several scenarios to run to help reach that decision you can do this at 3am if you need to without waiting for your consultant to wake up!

Decisions. Consulted.

Gain Theory Interactive is one of many solutions that Gain Theory delivers to empower informed decisions, by more people, more often.


Core to our DNA is a high touch consultancy engagement model. This goes across our whole solutions suite which harnesses best-in-class data, technology and market expertise to help marketers generate cost efficient and sustainable growth by making more decisions grounded in data & analytics.


Gain Theory Interactive is one of many solutions we deliver to bring our work to bear for our client partners. We balance technology with human interaction because core to our business is the relationship we build with our client partners.


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