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Decision making. Redefined.



We keep hearing from marketers that they are faced with making more complex decisions, more often, than ever before.


Yet we also keep hearing that they are not extracting the full value they could be from the analytics gold mine. Insights are available and actionable but there are barriers to implementing those actions by key decision makers across their organizations such as not having the right information in hand at the right time; confusing ‘black box’ delivery and backwards facing insights.


We wanted to change that.


So, Gain Theory Interactive was born with a simple mission: to empower informed marketing decisions, anytime, anywhere.


We created a platform that is simple to use and understand by anyone. Available all the time, when decisions need to be made. And powered by the breadth and depth of data and analytics to give a robust steer on decision making.

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Michael Deer

The Tech Guru

My drive is to bring the latest technology to create market leading solutions, delivered in the most practical way for marketers.

Karen Kaufman.JPG.jpg

Karen Kaufman
The Visionary

My vision is to democratize analytics, making it accessible to everyone. 


Claudia Sestini
The Marketer

My mission is to inspire marketers to drive sustainable growth by making better decisions.

The Makers

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Robert Schaetz

+1 715-243-9011
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Lizzie Brookes

+44 (0) 203 047 0800 


Sounak Chatterjee

+65 9828 2760

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