Gain Theory Interactive is a simple to use module-based solution that answers a wide range of marketing questions, including:

How do I achieve my sales goal?

How should I support a new product launch?

What marketing tactics give me the biggest bang for my buck?
And Which markets should I prioritize for marketing investment?



Part of the Gain Theory solution suite.  Made for Marketers by Marketers.

Depth of Data &
Breadth of Analytics

Multitude of data sources at the lowest granularity to glean detailed insights.

Wide breadth of analytical approaches to answer the specific business questions at hand.

Ease of Use

Always On

Intuitive user interface that guides you to answers quickly and easily.    


Available anytime you need it and ready to answer your burning questions.


Pragmatic recommendations, not just ‘nice to know’ information.

Decision Making

Accessible all the time giving you the ability to make decisions when you need to.

Take a deep dive into decision making

Insights Director, Consumer Products

"An incredibly intuitive experience"

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